Tuberculosis outbreak at Rome hospital

Seventh case of TB in four months at Fatebenefratelli.

Rome's Fatebenefratelli hospital says it is "monitoring and managing" an outbreak of tuberculosis which has infected seven of its employees over the last four months.

The first six cases involved medical workers in frontline departments, including a trainee student, while the seventh and most recent person infected was an employee in the hospital bar.
Fatebenefratelli, which is located on Tiber Island, says that it is implementing preventive measures to halt the risk of the infectious disease spreading to patients and staff.
Tuberculosis or TB is a curable and preventable disease caused by airborne bacteria that usually affects the lungs and whose symptoms include a chronic cough, fever and weight loss.

TB was a killer disease in the 19th- and 20th centuries but was brought under control by vaccines and long-term treatment with antibiotics. However it remains one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide, with 10.4 million cases recorded in 2015, resulting in 1.8 million deaths.