Tourists fined for jumping into Rome's Trevi Fountain

American, Canadian and Russian tourists fined €450 each by Rome police.

Two American tourists in their fifties have been fined €450 each for jumping into the Trevi Fountain on 26 August, according to Rome police.

A 40-year-old Russian tourist also received a €450 fine for entering the waters of the same 18th-century fountain the day before.

The news comes a week after a 68-year-old American tourist was fined €450 for dipping her feet in the fountain of the Altare della Patria monument in Piazza Venezia.

The latest incidents of tourists being caught in Rome fountains follows a much-reported "skinny dipping" case on 19 August by "English-speaking" tourists at the Altare della Patria fountains.

On 13 August two Canadian tourists, a man and woman aged 30, were fined €450 each for jumping into the Trevi Fountain at dawn. A few hours earlier police caught the same pair attempting to get into the fountain but sent them away with a caution.

Earlier in August a fight broke out at the Trevi Fountain involving the families of two women, from the US and the Netherlands, who were both attempting to take the perfect selfie in the same place at the same time.