The story of Wanted in Rome's February cover

Mystery surrounded the identity of the Rome artist behind the saintly Einstein poster. 

Selecting covers for our magazine is often a random process. Sometimes they are submitted by galleries, sometimes we request permission directly from artists to publish their work, other times we stumble on images by chance. Our February cover fell into the latter category. 
After spotting an Instagram snap featuring a poster of a saintly Albert Einstein in the Collatino suburb, posted by Roma Street Art, an internet search led us to the website Fotografia Errante which documents the city's street art phenomenon extensively. Valentino Bonacquisti, the person behind the site, was happy for us to publish his high-resolution photograph of Einstein but acknowleged that the artist was "unknown." 
Days after the February edition was published we received notifications from several Roman street artists, including Gio Pistone, who recognised the cover artist: Stefano Maria Girardi, a painter, illustrator and designer based in the Tiburtina district. 
When contacted Girardi said his works – always unsigned – are designed with book cover publication in mind. However the surprise of learning from his peers that his anonymous Einstein had been picked up and published on Wanted in Rome left him feeling “immensely pleased." 
For details of Girardi's work see website

Photo Valentino Bonacquisti, Fotografia Errante.