The Economist crowns Italy 'Country of the Year'

Italy is the country that has improved the most in 2021 in the view of The Economist.

Italy has been crowned 'Country of the Year' by The Economist, an annual honour awarded by the international newspaper.

The prize is given "not to the biggest, the richest or the happiest, but to the one that in our view improved the most in 2021", says The Economist.

This global recognition was awarded to Italy "not for the prowess of its footballers, who won Europe's big trophy, nor its pop stars, who won the Eurovision Song Contest, but for its politics."

Central to this honour is premier Mario Draghi who is described by The Economist as "a competent, internationally respected prime minister."

Italy's covid vaccination rate is also singled out as "among the highest in Europe" while its economy is "recovering more speedily than those of France of Germany."

However The Economist said there is a "danger that this unaccustomed burst of sensible governance could be reversed" if Draghi becomes president and is replaced by "a less competent prime minister."

The publication's accolade concludes with: "It is hard to deny that the Italy of today is a better place than it was in December 2020. Auguroni!"