Ten thousand victims of coronavirus in Italy

Today Italy has reached the saddening recorded of over ten thousand victims due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the Covid-19 epidemic started in Italy, 10,023 people have died, with an increase over yesterday of 889 people. On Friday, the increase was of 969 dead compared to the previous day.

These figures were made public by the Protezione Civile today during a press conference. 

A total of 12,384 people recovered in Italy after being tested positive to coronavirus - 1,434 more than Friday. It is the highest increase recorded since the beginning of the emergency. Yesterday the amount of people cured was 589.

There are a total of 70,065 coronavirus patients in Italy, with an increase of 3,651 compared to yesterday. The day before, the increase had been of 4,401 cases.

The total number of infected people - including the victims and the cured – has reached 92,472 people.

There were 3,856 patients admitted to intensive care, 124 more than yesterday. Of these, 1,319 are in Lombardy.