The Acqua Albule spa, one of the most important thermal baths in Italy, will re-open on 18 March following more than a year of restoration and rebuilding. The sulphur springs in the plain between Rome and Tivoli were mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid and the therapeutic benefit of the water has been recognised since the Emperor Augustus had baths built over the springs. The baths fell into disuse until the 19th century when the water was first analysed. The water is particularly beneficial to those suffering from skin and respiratory complaints.

The newly restored structure will be open to the public from 20 March when qualified medical staff will guide and advise those requiring treatment. There is a gym and a wing dedicated to mud treatments, hydro-massage, thermal baths, sauna, turkish baths and chromotherapy with massage.

When the warm weather arrives it will be possible to swim in the three open air pools filled with the rather milky looking and strong smelling water from the nearby springs. The baths can be reached by bus leaving from the bus station at Ponte Mammolo or by train to Bagni di Tivoli from the Stazione Tiburtina.

Terme di Acqua Albule, Via Nicodemi, 9, Bagni di Tivoli, Prov di Roma. Tel 0774 371007