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Rome's veterinary ambulance essential as covid numbers rise

The rapid escalation of the health emergency due to covid-19 has brought difficulties to families with animals, which have been affected, directly or indirectly, by the pandemic. 

For this reason, LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione), since 26 October, reactivated its veterinary ambulance service.  The service offers transport assistance to and from veterinary clinics.  Not only for animals of people and families who are in isolation, but also for the transfer of dogs or cats and other small pets, to the homes of friends or relatives, in case owners are in hospital or otherwise unable to take care of them.

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In its first days of activity, LAV has already intervened (at the recommendation of Civil Protection, with which LAV has signed a special memorandum), in aid of a lady and her two dogs, stuck at home for more than 12 days, in conditions of extreme difficulty.  Mrs. Teresa, in fact, after tragically losing her husband to covid, was in solitary confinement at home with her two dogs Rocky and Nina, 12 and 8 years old, unable to provide for their outings, and without being able to refer to relatives, friends or dog sitters who could take care of them.

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When asked by ASL, which arrived at the situation, the local municipal kennel responded that it could not temporarily accommodate the two dogs, due to lack of space. For Mrs. Teresa there seemed to be no way out but, thanks to a public appeal, a possibility opened up. On the other side of the city a lady, moved by this story, decided to offer her availability to welcome Rocky and Nina.

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At the request of the Civil Protection of Rome, LAV immediately intervened with its ambulance, to transfer the two dogs - in full compliance with the hygienic and sanitary procedures required by law - to the new accommodation, waiting for Mrs. Teresa to finish her quarantine period and to re-embrace them.  This is just one of the many stories of people and families with animals, affected in various ways by the pandemic, in which LAV has intervened to bring relief, even through last spring's lockdown. In the first phase of the emergency, in fact, the LAV veterinary ambulance, active in Rome, assisted 300 animals, responding to hundreds of requests for help, 7 days a week.

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Today like since the beginning, LAV is on the front lines with its ambulance to respond to the requests for help of Roman citizens, facing difficulty with their animals, or who want to report cases of animals in distress related to the emergency from covid-19.  Citizens can ask for help by calling 320 479 2598 or writing to ambulance

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The service is available in the territory of Rome.  Throughout the country, in addition, LAV provides clarification for new provisions provided by DPCM ordinances, by constantly updating the frequently asked questions, FAQ:, or by contacting: 06.4461325 and

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