Rome's most beautiful nasone fountain

Prenestino suburb is now home to "il nasone più bello di Roma"

A newly-restored drinking fountain in a Roman suburb is being hailed as the "most beautiful nasone in Rome," reports Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

The fountain, located on Viale Giovanni Battista Valente in the Prenestino area of Rome, was cleaned and painted by Fabio Piattoni, a city councillor from the civic list of entrepreneur Alfio Marchini.

After raising a small collection among locals, Piattoni spent two days cleaning the marble base and the fountain which he repainted dark grey and gold, with the backdrop of the city's SPQR symbol in red.

Piattoni said he took matters into his own hands as the city is "unable to intervene" in the restoration of "hundreds of abandoned nasoni in the city."

The councillor told La Repubblica that after he had finished restoring the fountain he "hid behind a car to observe the reactions of passers-by who say that now, in Prenestino, we have the most beautiful nasone in Rome."

There are more than 2,500 nasoni drinking fountains in Rome, providing free fresh water all year round. Also known as fontanelle, the nasoni ("big nose") get their name from the curved metal spout which pours cool water round the clock.

Photo La Repubblica

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Address Viale Giovanni Battista Valente, 139, 00177 Roma RM, Italy

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Rome's most beautiful nasone fountain

Viale Giovanni Battista Valente, 139, 00177 Roma RM, Italy