Rome's Gemelli hospital screens films for young patients

Children's cinematherapy at Rome's Gemelli hospital.

A premiere of Disney's new children's film The Jungle Book took place at a new cinema facility at the Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, one of Rome's main hospitals, on 13 April.

The recently-installed cinema can accommodate 130 viewers, including patients in wheelchairs and beds, and is part of the hospital's new approach to respite care for younger patients.

The ongoing initiative, which promotes the "cinematherapy" technique already employed in the UK and US, has been undertaken in collaboration MediCinema Italia, a non-profit organisation supported by the Italian health ministry.

The hospital, commonly known as the Gemelli, held The Jungle Book premiere a day ahead of the film's general release in Italian cinemas on 14 April.