Rome's Aquapiper closed

Waterpark closes indefinitely.

Rome's waterpark Aquapiper remains closed, despite having no notice of its closure on its website or Facebook page.

One of Italy’s largest and most popular waterparks, Aquapiper is located about 30 km north-east of Rome, near Tivoli, and is equipped with everything from wave machines to vertiginous water slides.

However, despite being in peak season, the theme park in the Guidonia region remains closed and has given no explanation why its gates are locked.

Wanted in Rome received news of its closure from one of our readers, while a quick glance at the park's Facebook page reveals a slew of comments from disappointed customers, many of whom made the 60-km round trip from Rome in vain.

Aquapiper has not replied to any of the comments on its Facebook page and its telephone line has been disconnected.