Rome unearths ancient Roman sarcophagus at Ostia Antica

Discovery of perfectly preserved sarcophagus at Ostia Antica archaeological park. 

An intact terracotta sarcophagus dating from the second century AD has been unearthed alongside the archaeological site of Ostia Antica, in a surprise discovery, reports Rome daily newspaper Il Messaggero.

Inside the sarcophagus are the preserved remains of an original inhabitant of Rome's ancient port city, who lived more than 1,800 years ago.

The discovery occurred by pure chance, during recent maintenance works on a private property adjacent to the archaeological park, near the Castle of Giulio II.

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Based on studies of the skull and pelvis, the archaeologists have determined that the deceased was a male who died at around the age of 40.

They also carried out dental analysis on the man who had lost a total of 19 teeth by the time of his death.

Archaeologists believe that based on the terracotta sarcophagus the man was of "simple, humble social character."

For more insights into the discovery see the video released by Italy's culture ministry.


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Rome unearths ancient Roman sarcophagus at Ostia Antica

00119 Ostia Antica RM, Italy