Rome rally against crime and violence

Rome mayor organises non-political rally in solidarity with attacked journalist.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi will lead a rally against organised crime and violence at the city's coastal district of Ostia on Saturday 11 November at 15.30.

 The rally is in support of the reporter Daniele Piervincenzi who was violently attacked by Roberto Spada, a member of a notorious crime family, during an interview on 8 November in the wake of local municipal elections.

 Piervincenzi was reporting for state broadcaster RAI on the outcome of the polls in which the neo-fascist CasaPound group received an unexpectedly high 9 per cent of the vote following the endorsement of the Spada family. 

 Spada headbutted Piervincenzi, breaking his nose, before attacking him and filmmaker Edoardo Anselmi with a cosh.

 The incident received condemnation across the political spectrum, including from CasaPound’s prime ministerial candidate Simone Di Stefano who described the attack as “deplorable.” 

 Spada was arrested on 9 November and is currently under investigation for grievous bodily harm, with the aggravating factor of acting in a Mafia context, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

Vowing to rid Rome of "crime and extremism", Raggi is calling on Rome residents to participate in a "strong, united message", without political flags, against the Mafia and violence. The rally will begin at Piazzale della Stazione del Lido, Ostia, at 15.30 on 11 November.