Rome police prepare for Chelsea hooligans

Up to 200 Chelsea football fans under police observation in Rome.
Rome police chiefs have met to discuss security arrangements in relation to the AS Roma-Chelsea football match scheduled in the capital's Stadio Olimpico at 20.45 on 31 October.
The security plan, overseen by representatives from the British embassy to Italy and members of Britain's Metropolitan police service, centres around the prospect of hooliganism by a section of the 1,750 Chelsea fans arriving in Rome.
Police have identified 40 hard-core Chelsea fans as posing a risk of creating trouble, as well as up to 150 additional fans who might become involved in the advent of violence breaking out. 
The remaining 1,500 Chelsea fans, most of whom are arriving in Rome on 31 October, are not considered dangerous. Chelsea fans are on friendly terms with fans of S.S. Lazio, Rome's other football team and old rivals of AS Roma. 
The security plan includes checks at airports and train stations, as well as monitoring bars in central Rome. Police have also asked pubs not to serve alcohol to football fans who are already drunk.
Several of the city's pub owners recently expressed fears that police would force them to close on 31 October, to avoid potential hooliganism, coinciding with the lucrative Halloween night
The British embassy has issued the following advice to Chelsea fans attending the 31 October match.