Rome police patrol nightlife districts on first post-lockdown weekend

Police in Rome to curb gatherings on first post-lockdown weekend.

Rome police are to patrol areas of the city associated with nightlife during this weekend - the first after Italy eased its lockdown restrictions on 18 May, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

Around 1,000 officers will be tasked with ensuring that people comply with Italy's measures to contain the spread of covid-19, including a ban on gatherings.

Checks will be carried out in districts including Campo de' Fiori, Pigneto, Ponte Milvio, S. Lorenzo, Testaccio and Trastevere, with additional patrols in parks and along the coast.
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The move follows a message from the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, who appealed to Romans not to let their guard down, saying: "This is not the time yet for nightlife."Raggi also said that: "I give Romans ten out of ten, if not 11, we kept the city together respecting difficult rules."

Raggi's remarks about nightlife eechoed those of Italian premier Giuseppe Conte who said yesterday: "It’s not the time for parties, nightlife or gatherings", adding: “During this phase, more than ever it’s fundamental to respect security distances and wear masks, where necessary.”

File photo: Corriere della Sera