Rome fires trash workers for stealing fuel

Rome mayor pledges zero tolerance for those who steal from the city.

Seven employees of Rome's trash collection service AMA have been sacked after being found guilty of stealing fuel belonging to the municipal company.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi says there will be "zero tolerance for unfaithful employees and for those who steal resources or goods that belong to everyone."

The seven employees stole fuel from AMA depots using it for their own vehicles as well as selling to friends and acquaintances.

The widespread theft first came to light between 2017 and 2018 when AMA reportedly noticed a discrepancy of 3,000 litres of fuel, after comparing costs with the mileage on the company's vehicles.

At the time AMA reportedly suspended 20 employees caught stealing fuel, for 19 days, however the pratice continued resulting in seven workers being fired.

Photo Il Messaggero