Rome destroys seized ivory at Circus Maximus

Italy’s first Ivory Crush takes place at Circus Maximus in Rome.

Italy joins the international fight against the poaching and illegal trafficking of elephant ivory and rhino horn, with the nation's first public ivory crush taking place at the Circus Maximus at 17.00 on 31 March.

Almost one ton of seized ivory, including tusks and carved objects, will be destroyed at the symbolic event which has been organised by US nonprofit organisation Elephant Action League in collaboration with Italy's environment ministry and forestry police.

The ivory, which was confiscated over the years by Italian police, will be destroyed first by an industrial stone crusher and then a steamroller, in the presence of Italy's environment minister Gian Luca Galletti.

The event will also be attended by a government representative from Kenya which will make history on 30 April when it burns 120 tons of ivory – the largest ivory stockpile ever destroyed by any country – at Nairobi National Park.