Rome considers turning off drinking fountains

Rome could close or reduce water from "nasoni" as city faces drought.

Rome's water management company ACEA is considering the closure or reduction of water from the city's "nasoni" drinking fountains, according to reports in local media.

ACEA's decision, said to be expected in coming days, follows the mayor's order requiring Rome inhabitants to limit the amount of potable water being used to irrigate gardens, fill portable swimming pools and wash cars.

The conservation measures are being taken in response to prolonged drought conditions and reduced water levels at Lake Bracciano, an important source of potable water for the capital and currently 1.4m below its threshold.

At present ACEA is pumping a maximum of up to 1,800 litres of lake water per second into Rome and will not exceed this limit until September.

There are about 2,000 nasoni across Rome, see map of fountain locations in the city's centro storico.