Rome coast hit by tornado

Violent storm causes two deaths in Rome area.

Two people were killed during a violent storm in the Rome area on the evening of Sunday 6 November.

One man who was hit by a fragment of cornice that fell from a church during a tornado that struck the coastal Roman town of Ladispoli, while another man was killed by a falling tree in the northern Rome suburb of Cesano, near Lake Bracciano.

The tornado also caused the collapse of the top two floors of a building in Ladispoli, whose schools have been closed as a precautionary measure on 7 November.

tornado ladispoli

Numerous streets in the capital were closed due to heavy flooding and uprooted trees, while several flights were diverted from Fiumicino airport to Ciampino.

The storm came two days after Italian premier Matteo Renzi's cabinet approved a new decree designed to tackle the emergency caused by the recent earthquakes in central Italy. The decree includes measures to help agriculture, schools and heritage, as well as aims to streamline bureaucracy to assist in the reconstruction of buildings in affected areas.