Rome civil certs for recycled plastic bottles

Rome mayor envisions a #Plasticfree city.

Rome residents who recycle plastic bottles at the city's town hall buildings will be able to accumulate credits to offset expenses for civil certificates, according to an announcement by the mayor Virginia Raggi.

The mayor is seeking to replicate the success of the "plastic-eating" machines which offer credits towards bus and metro tickets, introduced by her administration in three subway stations over the summer.

The recycling machines will soon be installed at registry offices across the city as part of the mayor's attempt to make Rome a "truly #Plasticfree city."

Raggi did not provide details of the financial reward however the system in place for bus and metro tickets works out at five cent per bottle.

Modernising Rome requires putting "the environment at the centre" - Raggi said in her Facebook post - "orienting people's habits within an overall vision based on participation."

Raggi's announcement on 17 September came the day after one of the city's recycling machines at Piramide station was put out of order by vandals.