Rome brings back SPQR logo

Rome's commissioner Tronca scraps Marino's "Rome & You" city logo.

Rome's commissioner Francesco Paolo Tronca has scrapped the controversial "Rome & You" city logo, introduced by former mayor Ignazio Marino in February 2015, and brought back the original crest with SPQR written over the dark-red shield.

Speaking ahead of Rome's 2,769th birthday on 21 April, Tronca also announced that from now on the slogan “Roma, una cultura capitale” will appear on all of the city's printed material relating to cultural events.

The now-scrapped logo saw the “Capitale” dropped from the traditional “Roma Capitale” in favour of "Rome & You", with five coloured balls replacing the gold crown on top.

rome & you 2

The contentious logo, whose design was part of a re-branding marketing campaign that cost Rome €20,000, appeared on documents and communication channels used by the city over the last year.

At the time of its introduction Marino said the logo envoked a “positive attitude towards a city that is considered Caput Mundi, the Eternal City". However the image caused a furore among Romans and politicians in the capital, with critics describing it as light-weight and scorning the use of English at the expense of Italian.