Rome begins turning off drinking fountains

30 nasoni fountains being turned off each day in Rome.

Rome’s water management company ACEA has begun turning off the city's “nasoni” drinking fountains in a bid to conserve water as Italy grapples with prolonged drought conditions.

Starting from 3 July, 30 of the more than 2,000 nasoni in Rome will be switched off each day to help stem decreasing levels at Lake Bracciano, an important source of potable water for the capital.

The measures have been criticised by the Italian Red Cross which says it will put the city's homeless people at risk, while consumer watchdog Codacons says the move could lead to inflated prices for bottled water.

The nasoni fountains reportedly consume just over one per cent of Rome's daily water supply, with around 50 per cent of the capital's water lost to leaking pipes.

Photo Corriere della Sera