Retake Roma cleans up coast near Rome

Retake Roma volunteers mark Coastal Cleanup Day and World Cleanup Week in Rome.

Volunteers from Retake Roma, the non-profit movement which tackles Rome's urban decay, organises a double event to clean up the coastal area between the Ostia seafront and Pineta di Castel Fusano on Saturday 21 September.

Around 300 volunteers will collect and differentiate trash abandoned in the area for years, and will be divided into two teams: Blu for the beach and coastline, and Verde for the road and pine forest.

The initiative is supported by the Italian presidency, the Italian representation of the European Commission, the Lazio Region and Roma Capitale, as well as the Rome embassies of the US and Estonia. 

The cleanup begins at 15.00 at Viale Mediterraneo, proceeding simultaneously on the beach of Lungomare Lutazio Catulo, near the Canale dei Pescatori (Ostia coast) and in the Pineta di Castel Fusano. At the end of the activities, around 18.30, an award ceremony will take place at Piazzale Mediterraneo for the team which has collected the most trash.

The initiative is organised to mark the International Coastal Cleanup Day, the world's largest annual coastal conservation and protection event, and fits into the framework of the annual World Cleanup week. The September 2018 editions of both events involved almost 20 million participants with 100,000 tons of waste collected in 160 countries.

For full details see Retake Roma website.

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Retake Roma cleans up coast near Rome

00144 Roma RM, Italy