Reopening of Rome schools at risk over trash crisis

School principals threaten not to reopen Rome schools after Christmas.

The Lazio branch of the national association of school principals has written to Rome's mayor Virginia Raggi, demanding the removal of rubbish from the city's streets within the next 48 hours or to face the prospect of schools not reopening on 7 January after the Christmas break.

The principals outlined their fears for public health "epidemics" and that Rome schools could be "infested with rats", with particular concern for younger school children, according to reports in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

City hall told local media that the mayor is currently preparing a dossier for the public prosecutor's office in relation to the "Roman rubbish collection company, the fire at the waste treatment plant burned down on 11 December, the entire regional waste cycle, and the 300 bins burned in 2018, 70 of which were burnt in December alone."

Photo Corriere della Sera (LaPresse)