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Porto Fluviale revives Rome's river port

The river port of ancient Rome will live again with the 8 December inauguration of a series of eateries, from snack-bar to restaurant, in the 900 sqm. Porto Fluviale near Ostiense tube station.

Rome’s latest culinary complex will cater for every need, from power breakfast via brunch or working lunch to street food, afternoon snack and convivial dinner.  There will even be a space available for private parties and for enthusiasts to cook their own meals for thmselves and their friends.

The official inaguration party, by invitation only, will be at 22.00 on Saturday followed by a DJ dance, while the eateries will be open to the public from 10.30 to 02.00 daily from Wednesday 12 December.

The port where wines and foods from all over the empire were once offloaded in ancient Rome has inspired the organisers to take over and convert an old industrial warehouse and offer the best of Italian ingredients.

At only ten minutes on foot from Eataly, Porto Fluviale marks yet another addition to the area at the beginning of Via Ostiense which is fast becoming a new social and light-life hub.

More details of the new initiative on their website, and the Facebook page offers an email address to request an invitation to the inauguration party.

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