Pedestrianisation plan for Rome's Monti quarter

Rome mayor announces "complete restyling" of Monti district.

The Monti quarter of central Rome will have new pedestrian areas, wider pavements and reduced speed limits for traffic in 2019, according to the city's mayor Virginia Raggi who announced the news on her Facebook page.

Hailing it as a "little revolution", Raggi said the plan would result in a "complete restyling" of the ancient neighbourhood which would "finally be free from cars and smog."

The first stage of the project includes the pedestrianisation of Via della Madonna dei Monti, the partial closure to traffic on Via Urbana, and the rebuilding and extension of sidewalks on Via dei Serpenti, between Via Panisperna and Via Baccina.

There would also be reduced traffic access to Via Cimarra, Salita del Grillo and Via Panisperna.

When it was first announced two years ago, the plan was opposed strongly by local residents, with critics claiming it would compound the ongoing gentrification of the district.

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Address Rione I Monti, Roma RM, Italy

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Pedestrianisation plan for Rome's Monti quarter

Rione I Monti, Roma RM, Italy