Four new adjunct councillors have been voted on to the Rome city council in the 10 December elections for immigrant representatives. Romulo Sabio Salvador from the Philippines will represent Asia and Oceania (2,190 votes), Madisson Bladimir Godoy Sanchez from Ecuador will represent the Americas (777 votes), Tetjana Kuzyk from the Ukraine will represent European countries outside the European Union (597 votes), and Victor Emeka Okeadu from Nigeria will represent Africa (273 votes). 18,108 votes were cast in the elections, around 12 per cent of the 155,534 immigrants on the electoral register. The elected representatives do not have a right to vote during council sessions but do have the power to give their opinion, make recommendations, present motions and sit on special commissions. Romes first four immigrant adjunct councillors were voted on to the council in March 2004, but none of the three standing for re-election were successful. The new councillors will remain in their posts until the next city elections in 2011. For a breakdown of votes and information on the 19 candidates voted on to the citys municipal councils, see