Mexican restaurants in Rome

Step inside one of these three delicious Mexican-inspired but locally-owned mexican restaurants, right here in the heart of Rome. 

It is common knowledge that Rome possesses some of the most famous and delicious restaurants in the world. From the famous and imposing Eataly to intimate, hard-to-find spots in historic neighborhoods, the Capital has no shortage of authentic and fresh places to pick from on any given night.

However, sometimes even the most enthusiastic of Italian foodies can grow tired of non-stop Italian cuisine day after day and night after night, whether it be after a long trip through Italy or from a genuinely expat lifestyle. The flavors, however famous, can lose their vigor.

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The pasta-pizza-wine pattern can turn exhausting after a few solid weeks. Longing for some flavor and some cultural diversity? Check out our listing. 

Pico’s Taqueria and American Grill, Trastevere

Known colloquially as “Pico’s Rome”, this spot may be the most popular place for a Mexican bite in the entire city center. College students, tourists and locals line out the door for their Taco Tuesday specials, which includes 3 tacos and a beer for a budget-friendly 7euro.

During the day they maintain a low-key presence with free wifi, limited seating and a menu consisting of everything from tacos and burritos to churros and mac & cheese, complete with various house-made salsas and sauces. They include a wide variety of traditional meats like carnitas and barbacoa and also host a few vegetarian and vegan options. They also offer chicken wings and nachos with that classic gooey yellow cheese.

Pico’s Rome has beat the odds to become a staple in the Trastevere neighborhood and also works with Deliveroo, Glova and Uber Eats to make sure that all of Rome gets their fix.

Located in Trastevere  in Via della Pelliccia 27.


Maybu Burrito is what would happen if a hip Los Angeles eatery was picked up and thrown into Rome. It’s located only a few blocks from the Vatican in the Prati neighborhood. The restaurant itself is spacious and chic and downright instagrammable, hosting a color palette that includes neon, zig-zags and lush green ferns.. It has dozens of tables and, most importantly, air conditioning. Glovo or Deliveroo also work here, so you can eat an entire XL burrito from the comfort of your couch in Rome.

The counter runs like a Chipolte or a Tortilla, with a selection of add-ins all sorted neatly and displayed for the customer to pick and choose. Burritos and tacos are the only things on the menu, offered in two sizes with limited meat selection compared to Pico’s. However, this is the only place on this list that also offered frozen margaritas for a reasonable cost. After a hot day of wandering the city, a large burrito with a frozen margarita might be just what a traveler needs.

Bonus: guac is free!

Address: Via Candia 113.

Tacos and Beer

Tacos and Beer is an established, hole-in-the-wall place located in the heart of Monti, right off of Via Dei Serpenti. With consistently excellent reviews and gorgeous Mexican-inspired decor reminiscent of an art gallery, Tacos and Beer capitalizes on the need to try something different. They offer burritos, nachos and tacos in numerous ways in trendy packaging reminiscent of a high-end food truck. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options in an intimate setting. Want to skip the lines? They also use Glovo. Wine and beer are available on tap at a low cost. There is an added bonus of more complex cocktails available for a few extra euros - including margaritas!

Tacos and Beer hosts one of the best food deals in Rome, with a fully-stocked burrito, quesadillas or a trio of tacos starting at all of 5 euros and beer starting at 3 euros.

Address: Via del Boschetto 130.