Mafia Capitale trial opens in Rome

Former chief of Rome's AMA rubbish agency faces corruption charges.

The first part of the Mafia Capitale trial into alleged criminal infiltration of Rome's city hall opens on 20 October when the former chief of the city's rubbish collection agency AMA Roma, Giovanni Fiscon, faces charges of corruption, along with four other defendants.

The outgoing mayor Ignazio Marino decided not to attend the hearing, despite previously declaring his "firm intention" of being there wearing his mayoral sash. The city was represented by Alfonso Sabella, the Sicilian magistrate and former antimafia prosecutor, and Rome's current councillor for legality.

The Mafia Capitale case centres mainly on the embezzlement of funds destined for emergency housing for immigrants and camps for Roma people, but also includes other sectors such as waste management, recycling and parks maintenance.

Photo. Giovanni Fiscon