The city has announced the creation of 184 collection points for large-scale household rubbish in 19 districts across the city. The new free service by Rome's refuse collection company Ama will allow people to dispose of cumbersome items such as fridges, televisions and unwanted furniture. At the moment there is a door-to-door service for large items but for a fee.

The initiative will utilise 34 refuse lorries and has 400 collection dates assigned every month. The timetable for collection, which is reserved solely for private and non-commercial use, is Tuesday to Friday 12.30-19.30 and on Saturdays from 09.00-13.00.

In addition 16,500 new refuse bins for both recyclable material and general household waste are to be installed in Rome. Starting from the end of October, it is envisaged that 1,700 new bins will appear every month.

Every day Ama collects 650 tons of refuse off the capital's streets, generally dumped beside bins. Over the last nine months authorities have fined over 6,000 people for abandoning rubbish in public.

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