As the debate rages on about the merits and demerits of the Knox-Sollecito verdict in the Perugia murder case of Meredith Kercher the United States and British embassies in Rome are coping with both the overwhelming influx of journalists from each country but also with the needs of the families involved.

The US embassy arranged the documents for the return of Amanda Knox to the United States on the evening of her acquittal and her family was reported to have had plans to fly her home immediately after the verdict on Monday night but she did not depart from Fiumicino international airport in Rome until midday Tuesday on a British Airways flight to London on the way to her home town Seattle.

Meanwhile the British embassy is giving support to the family of the murder victim, now struggling more than ever to come to terms with the overwhelming question of who was responsible for the horrendous death of their daughter in 2007, as well as constant media interest in their case.

While on the one hand the Knox family has managed to organise a massive and constant public relations case in favour of Amanda, on the other side the British family is struggling to cope with worldwide media attention at a time when they are also trying to come to terms with the complications of the Italian legal system, who killed their daughter, as well as their own personal grief.