Italy's president seeks house in Rome

Mattarella is house hunting as his term in office draws to an end.

The president of Italy Sergio Mattarella is searching for a new home in Rome, reports Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The 80-year-old head of state, who is nearing the end of his seven-year term in office, reportedly looked at an apartment in a residential area not far from the city centre, between Villa Ada and Villa Borghese.

The president visited the property on Wednesday afternoon, before travelling to Milan for the Pre-COP26 climate talks, and was accompanied by his daughter Laura.

The home-owner, after her initial shock of opening the door to President Mattarella, asked him if she could take a selfie.

The president duly obliged and posed next to the woman whose 120-sqm apartment will be available to rent from December, according to the Corriere.

The president is reportedly seeking to rent, not buy, a new home when his time in office comes to an end in January.

Mattarella has been resident at the Quirinal Palace since becoming president in February 2015.

Previous to this, while serving as a judge, he lived in a property belonging to the Constitutional Court, while before that he shared a home with his late wife in the heart of Rome's historic centre.

News of a house-hunting president would appear to confirm that Mattarella is not likely to seek a second mandate as head of state, reigniting rumours that Italian premier Mario Draghi could be the next resident of the Quirinale.

In the meantime those in the Roman property market are now wondering whether Italy's president will be knocking on their door in the days ahead.