Italy’s premier Conte congratulates US President Biden

Pope Francis urges Biden to foster peace and reconciliation in the US and the world.

Italy's premier Giuseppe Conte wished "good work" to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as they were sworn in as 46th president and vice-president of the United States of America respectively on 20 January.

Hailing it as a "great day for democracy," Conte tweeted that Italy "stands ready to face the challenges of our common international agenda together with the United States."

“We are looking forward to the Biden presidency, with which we will start working immediately in view of our presidency of the G20" - Conte said in parliament yesterday - "We have a strong common agenda, ranging from the effective multilateralism that we both want to see, to climate change, green and digital transition and social inclusion.”

Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio sent his "warm congratulations" to President Biden and Vice President Harris, describing their inauguration as "a new beginning for our close friend and ally and for the American democracy."

Pope Francis sent Biden his "cordial good wishes and the assurance of my prayers that Almighty God will grant you wisdom and strength in the exercise of your high office."

The pontiff also expressed his hope that "under your leadership, may the American people continue to draw strength from the lofty political, ethical and religious values that have inspired the nation since its founding."