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Super Green Pass: Italy bars unvaccinated from cinemas and theatres

Museums in Italy to remain open for visitors with 'basic' Green Pass.

Italy will tighten its Green Pass restrictions with tough new rules against the unvaccinated coming into force from 6 December until at least 15 January.

Under the existing system, the Green Pass certificate proves that the holder has been vaccinated against covid, recovered from the virus within the last six months or tested negative in the last couple of days.

However when the "reinforced" Super Green Pass takes effect next week it will only apply to those who have been vaccinated or recovered from covid-19, not to those who are unvaccinated.

From 6 December, Italy's cinemas, theatres and concert halls will only be open to those who have the Super Green Pass.

The news was clarified on Friday by the culture ministry which stated that the rules are "very clear" in relation to places of culture, underlining that cinemas, theatres and concert venues will be "open at 100 per cent capacity."

The ministry also stressed that the 'super' version of the Green Pass will not be required in museums, archives and libraries in the 'white' and 'yellow' zones under Italy's colour-coded system of coronavirus restrictions.

The Super Green Pass rules do not apply to children under the age of 12 who will continue to have access to museums, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and entertainment venues, the ministry stated.

When the new regulations comes into force, those who are not vaccinated will also no longer be able to access indoor restaurants, bars or sports stadiums.

Another important change will see the 'basic' Green Pass (obtainable by a negative covid test) required for hotels as well as on local public transport and regional rail travel.

The only aspect that will not change in relation to the Green Pass is that unvaccinated workers may still access their workplace using the current system of getting tested every couple of days.

For information on the Green Pass - in Italian - see the Certificazione Verde website while for official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy - in English - see the health ministry website.

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