Italy PM says yes to compulsory covid vaccinations and third dose

Italy to give third dose for most fragile as government to consider compulsory covid vaccination for all.

Italy's prime minister Mario Draghi says his government might consider making anti-covid vaccinations compulsory for everyone once the vaccines been given full approval by European and Italian regulators.

Health minister Roberto Speranza, speaking alongside Draghi at a press conference in Rome, said a third dose of the covid vaccine would be given to people with the most fragile immune systems later this month.

The premier also said the government is in favour of "extending" the use of the Green Pass, a certificate which shows that people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19.

Draghi said that Italy's vaccination campaign is "proceeding swiftly" amd moving towards the goal of vaccinating 80 per cent of the population by the end of September.

Repeating his calls for people to get vaccinated, Draghi offered his "full solidarity" to those who have been subjected to "hateful and cowardly" violence from 'No Vax' protesters.

Ful details about the Green Pass can be found - in Italian - on the Certificazione Verde website while for official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy - in English - see the health ministry website.