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Italy orders police, soldiers and teachers to get covid vaccine

Mandatory vaccination included in Italy's 'Super Green Pass' decree.

The Italian government has made the covid vaccine obligatory for the nation's teachers, police officers and military, with the new rules coming into force from 15 December.

The compulsory vaccination order - which includes administrative staff in schools and hospitals, and prison guards - is part of the so-called Super Green Pass decree issued on 26 November.

The Super Green Pass applies to those who have been vaccinated or recovered from covid, while barring the unvaccinated from accessing a range of social, cultural and sporting activities in Italy.

Non-compliance with the compulsory vaccination order will lead to the immediate suspension without pay, while those who go to work without a vaccine risk a fine of between €600 and €1,500.

Managers who fail to carry out checks in the workplace risk fines of up to €1,000.

Police officers who do not comply with the regulations will have their identification badge and gun confiscated, according to a circular signed by police chief Lamberto Giannini, Italian media reports.

Italy's medical workers - the first category of workers mandated to get vaccinated earlier this year - are also obliged to have their third 'booster' dose of the vaccine.

The move coincides with Italy extending its covid vaccination campaign to children aged 5-11, with effect nationwide from 16 December.

For official information about the covid-19 situation in Italy - in English - see the health ministry websitePhoto credit: Massimo Todaro / Shutterstock.com.

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