Italian president: 'I too will spend Easter alone'

President Mattarella sends Easter message to Italians.

Italy's president, Sergio Mattarella, has sent a video-message to Italians on the occasion of a "very different" Easter, due to  the nationwide quarantine.

Referencing the numerous letters he has received from people experiencing "forced solitude" in the lockdown, particularly during these days of "shared celebration," Mattarella said that he understood well the sense of privation that this produces.

"I know that many Italians will spend the day of Easter alone" - the president said - "It will be like this for me to."

However he acknowledged that "this day will be also experienced differently by the many sick people and by the many doctors and nurses on whom they rely; and who strive for their healing with generosity, putting themselves at risk."

Calling on Italians to "cultivate hope and trust" in being able to defeat the Coronavirus, Mattarella expressed his "greatest closeness" to everyone but reminded people that "we also see the concrete possibility of overcoming this emergency."

"The sacrifices we have been making for more than a month are producing the desired results and we cannot stop right now" - Mattarella said.