Heat wave warning in Rome

The ministry of health has issued a "red alert" heat wave warning for Rome as temperatures are predicted to rise up to 40 degrees in the early afternoon of Thursday 20 June.

The heat is expected to reach its peak on 20 June, when it enters "Level Three", the highest health risk, according to the ministry.

Between 13.00 and 15.00 on 20 June, civil protection volunteers will distribute free water to residents and tourists out and about in Rome.

The 100,000 bottles of water will be distributed at key tourist destinations such as around the Vatican Museums and Capitoline Museums as well as outside various Metro stations.

Traffic wardens are having to take half-hour turns under the sun in Piazza Venezia to lessen the risk of passing out, while also suffering today are the 25,000 students undertaking high-school exams in the capital.