€240 fines for eating at Rome fountains

Rome mayor bans eating and drinking at city's historic fountains.

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi has signed a new order banning eating and drinking at the city's historic fountains as part of a move to protect the city's "historical, artistic and archaeological heritage."

The ban includes sitting or climbing on the fountains, as well as bathing or washing pets in the fountains' waters. The order also bans people from throwing objects – other than coins – into the fountains, and prohibits dogs from drinking fountain water.

Those caught breaking the new rules, which remain in effect until 31 October, face a maximum fine of €240.

The ban, which includes more than a dozen fountains in the historic centre, will arguably have the biggest effect on the Fontana dei Catecumeni in Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, a popular night-time meeting place.

For full details see city website.

Photo. Corriere della Sera