The Domus Aurea, the ruins of the Emperor Nero's house on the Esquiline Hill, has been temporarily closed as a precaution after the downpours of the past few days provoked damage to the electrical system. A spokesperson for the Archaeological Heritage office says that it is impossible to say when the monument will reopen, as an in-depth examination has to be carried out to ascertain the extent of the damage, in order to guarantee the safety of visitors.

In the meantime, heavy rainfalls and flooded roads continue to cause difficulties for traffic and residents. The swelling of the Aniene river remains particularly worrying at the point where it flows into the Tiber river, near Ponte Mammolo on Via Tiburtina.

The Tiber itself seems to be flowing freely now. Even though experts are warning that it is due to rise in the coming days, it should reach no more than 11 metres above sea level.

Problems abound in Ostia Antica and the village of Fiumicino, where the army and fire-fighters had to intervene on the morning of 16 December to help evacuate families whose houses have been inundated and erect sandbag barriers to try to avoid more homes being flooded.

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