Doctor accused of killing coronavirus patients to free up beds

A doctor has been arrested for intentionally killing two Covid patients with a specific drug administration.

The doctor, Carlo Mosca, head of the emergency department of the hospital of Montichiari in Brescia, was arrested by the Carabinieri of the local NAS - Nucleo Antisofisticazioni e Sanità - and is now under house arrest.

The doctor had intentionally administered drugs with anaesthetic effects and neuromuscular blockers to patients suffering from covid-19 , causing the death of two of them, as reported by Il Messaggero.

The facts date back to March of last year, at the height of the epidemic crisis. 

"I'm not up for killing patients just because they want to free up beds," he wrote in a WhatsApp message to a colleague, a nurse at the Montichiari hospital. "I'm not up for it, this is crazy," replied the colleague referring to the doctor's decision to prepare the two drugs usually used before intubating a patient.

The Carabinieri of the NAS of Brescia, two months after the events, immediately started an investigation, in agreement with the Brescia Public Prosecutor's Office. Three corpses were exhumed for autopsy and toxicological investigations.

The investigations revealed, within the tissues and organs of one of them, the presence of an anaesthetic and muscle relaxant drug commonly used in intubation and sedation procedures that, if used outside of specific procedures and dosages, can lead to the death of the patient.

Furthermore, in the medical records of the deceased patients subject to verification, the administration of those drugs does not appear. The administration of the same drugs appears instead in the records of other patients that actually were then intubated. As a consequence, the doctor is now also being accused of forgery.