Dead dolphins wash up off coast near Rome

Public advised not to touch dolphin carcasses.

In recent days two dolphins have been found dead off the coast of Ostia and Fiumicino, near Rome, bringing to 13 the number of dolphins washed up dead in the Lazio region since the beginning of this year.

The suspected cause for the dolphins' deaths is morbillivirus, which caused an epidemic among dolphins in the 1990s, and experts have warned the public to avoid contact with carcasses.

News of the deaths was confirmed by Oceanomare dolphins Onlus, whose Delfini capitolini project monitors and studies the presence of dolphins in the stretch of sea between Ostia and Fiumicino.

The situation is worse off the coast of Tuscany where authorities have recorded 41 dead dolphins so far this year, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

Photo Il Messaggero