Covid: Italy police not happy with pink masks

Italian police union says pink masks are "indecorous".

The unexpected delivery of pink FFP2 masks to police stations around Italy has been greeted with amazement and disapproval, leading to complaints over the "unbecoming" colour, Italian media reports.

The secretary general of the 'Sap' police trade union has written to Lamberto Giannini, Italy's police chief, stating that officers will refuse to wear the "unseemly" pink masks and asking for them to be withdrawn.

The pink masks have been supplied to police stations in Bologna, Ferrara, Pavia, Siracusa, Varese and Venice, reports Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, causing consternation among officers.

"On the basis of the oath taken, it is necessary that the uniform be worn with decorum and respect for the institution to which one belongs", writes Sap chief Stefano Paoloni.

"The use of unsuitable accessories that do not represent the administration is therefore discouraged" - writes Paoloni - "We believe that clothing and accessories used must be appropriate and consistent with the uniform, just as it is not recommended to use eye-catching masks."

Pink therefore does not suit the police and suggests a "semblance of less authority", argues the union, which has requested that the masks be replaced with "a different colour (white, light blue, blue or black) and in any case consistent with the uniform of the state police."

Photo Il Messaggero