Covid in Italy: First two covid-19 cases registered in Italy 1 year ago

Exactly one year ago, Italy began to come to terms with the dreaded covid-19 pandemic emergency. 

Although the virus had been circulating for several months - according to many experts – the news and images of the lockdown in Wuhan felt like something from far away, from another planet.

The  field hospital that was being built in the China looked like an engineering effort from out of space. All of this changed when the first two covid-19 positive patients were admitted to the Spallanzani Hospital in Rome. 

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A couple of Chinese tourists, 66 and 65 years old, on 29 January 2020,  were in fact admitted to the hospital after being treated in a hotel in the capital. They were in Italy for a sightseeing tour together with a group of  compatriots, who were also subsequently quarantined after the hospitalization of the two travel companions.

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Almost a month later, the first positive cases emerged among Italian patients with outbreaks in the Lodigiano area and Veneto region. In a short time, Italy ended up in the spotlight. It was the beginning of the current health emergency.