Covid in Italy: Carabinieri twins killed by coronavirus

In March he had lost his twin brother Nicola to covid-19 and now the virus has killed him too.

Lieutenant Michelangelo Sansipersico, 56, serving in the judicial police section at the Prosecutor's Office in Bari, has died due to the complications of a covid-19 pneumonia.

The Sansipersico twins, 56 years old, both married and both with children, lived their lives side by side in the Carabinieri. From their oaths taken in the Carabinieri cadet school in Campobasso in 1982 to the Officers course in Velletri and Florence the following year. And the brothers were still side by side in their first operational posting at the Lombardy Legion.

Now there is sadness at the headquarters of the corps in remembering the interlinked and parallel lives of the twin colleagues who took different paths only after the years shared in the same barracks of the Lombard capital.

"During almost 40 years of service",  reads a note from the General Command of the Carabinieri corps, "Michelangelo Sansipersico has served his country with commitment, sacrifice and dedication, until the virus took him from us."

"A great expert of the Judicial Police and inextricably linked to the core values of the Institution" continues the note "he has been over the years a solid point of reference for many colleagues. The General Commander and the entire Corps of the Carabinieri stand united around his family, his wife and son, who mourn the loss.”