Covid-19: Italy to reopen ski slopes from 15 February

Reopening applies to areas in covid-19 yellow zones which currently includes the regions around Rome and Milan.

Italy's ski slopes can reopen from 15 February in regions that are designated 'yellow zones' under the nation's tiered system of coronavirus restrictions, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

The move, which follows the green light from the government's technical-scientific advisory committee, could see the majority of Italy's ski slopes reopening, as 15 of the country's 20 regions currently have 'yellow' status.

Skiing will remain prohibited in areas that are classified as 'orange zones' (medium risk) or 'red zones' (high risk) under Italy's covid-19 rules.

However the prohibition on moving between regions is still in place and it remains to be seen whether Italy will retain or scrap its inter-regional travel ban before the ski slopes reopen.

Italy's ski resorts are currently covered in one of the heaviest snowfalls in years.