Covid-19: Italy becomes a 'reinforced' yellow zone

Italy extends anti-covid measures.

Italy became a 'reinforced' yellow zone on Thursday 7 January after the government extended the anti-covid restrictions in place over the Christmas / New Year period.

The nationwide measures will see Italy become an orange zone on the weekend of 9-10 January.

The 'reinforced' yellow classification means that people are free to move around so long as they stay within their region, except for proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons.

On the 'yellow days' restaurants and bars can stay open until 18.00, after which they can provide take-away and home delivery services, and shops can stay open until 21.00.

On the orange days over the weekend, bars and restaurants will be closed except for take-away services, while shops, hairdressers and beauty centres are allowed to open.

A maximum of two non-cohabiting people can visit private homes within their region however this measure does not apply to children under the age of 14 or to people with disabilities or those who are not self-sufficient.

The nationwide curfew from 22.00 until 05.00 will remain in place each night.

Once the current restrictions come to an end, Italy will revert to its three-tier system which is based on a colour code and divides the nation's 20 regions into red (high-risk), orange (medium risk) and yellow (low risk) zones.

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