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Coronavirus: Rome public transport in Phase Two

Taking public transport in Rome during Phase Two of covid-19 crisis.

Rome's public transport network is preparing for Phase Two of the coronavirus emergency which begins on 4 May, when Italy begins to ease the nationwide lockdown in place since 10 March.

The Lazio Region has issued new regulations affecting public transport throughout the region - including Rome - during Phase Two. Here are some of the main points:

The order will see services increased by Rome public transport body ATAC, regional coach company Cotral and Trenitalia trains operating within the region, with services extended until 23.30 each night. 

The Lazio Region order stipulates that efforts should be made to reduce the numbers of people using public transport during rush hour, with local authorities tasked with limiting and controlling the flow of commuters.

Companies are asked to reprogramme their timetables to avoid staff arriving and leaving at the same, and to encourage employees to continue "smart working" from home.

Commuters must wear face masks while travelling on public transport, and social distancing must be practiced, maintaining at least one metre between the next person.

There will be a 50 per cent reduced seating and standing capacity on Rome's buses and trams, and passengers should note that once the vehicle reaches capacity the driver will only stop if requested by ringing the bell.

Bus drivers are to be "protected" from coming into close contact with the public, with the front door of the bus out of use on many vehicles. Commuters will be obliged to get on through the back door and get off through the central door. 

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Hand sanitiser dispensers are to be insalled on public transport vehicles, with commuters also required to wear masks in train stations, metro stations and at bus stops.

Metro stations will have signs on the ground showing people where to stand, to comply with social distancing measures, with stickers on buses and metro carriages marking which seats cannot be used.


In taxis the front passenger seat beside the driver may not be occupied, with a maximum of two passengers in the back. Taxi drivers must wear a mask.

For more details and to read the transport order in its entirety see Lazio Region website.

Photo La Repubblica

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