Coronavirus: Rome buses prepare for Phase Two

No more than 20 passengers on board Rome buses during Phase Two.

Rome public transport company ATAC is preparing for the uphill task of dealing with Phase Two of the coronavirus emergency but there are already clashes between management and trade unions, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Phase Two, the so-called "Living with the virus" stage, will see a lot more people on the streets of the capital however Rome buses will only be able to accommodate a maximum of 20 passengers per vehicle: 16 seated and four standing, according to La Repubblica.

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This presents a major headache for ATAC management who explained to La Repubblica that bus terminals and busier bus stops would be supervised to ensure social distancing and control passenger numbers.

ATAC, which is sanitising its bus fleet, acknowledges that it would be impossible to have staff stationed at every bus stop in Rome.

Meanwhile drivers have expressed concerns that they will be powerless to prevent somebody getting on board without a mask, and say they risk being the subject of aggression and physical violence for "turning away the 21st passenger", a representative of CISL trade union told La Repubblica.

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