Caffe corretto, an Italian tradition

The contribution of Italy to the coffee scene is undeniable.

Italians have influenced the planet with their tradition, passion....and their caffe corretto.

So what exactly is a Caffè corretto?

Espresso skewered with alcohol makes an accurate description. Literally it can be translated as  ‘corrected coffee.’

The adoption of the Caffè corretto country- wide was quick, but different regions drink it differently. In the North, ‘correction’ is often done with grappa, aquavit or brandy early in the mornings right before work. As a staple for the lavoratori, you can imagine the strong bind that maitains the practice over time.

Around the central regions of Italy, caffè corretto is more of an after-meal treat. Traditionally, in these parts of Italy, a splash of Sambuca is addeed to your regular espresso. 

Have you ever found yourself at a cafe and looked up to see several liquor bottles stacked behind the shelf? It's all about caffè corretto.