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Coronavirus: Italy to go into total shutdown

Italy orders total shutdown as country battles worsening Coronavirus crisis.

Italy has taken even more drastic measures in its battle against Coronavirus by putting the entire country into total shutdown until 25 March.

The unprecedented move, which follows nationwide quarantine measures, will mean that Italy will see the suspension of all non-essential commerical business in a bid to halt the escalating Coronavirus crisis.

The measures, which take effect on 12 March, will mean the closure of offices, shops, bars, hair salons and restaurants, and the cessation of all non-essential production.

Supermarkets and pharmacies will remain open however, and all emergency and essential services relating to health, food, transport and energy will continue to operate.

It is now only permitted to leave the house to buy food and medicine. If you must go to work, you can, but the government is strongly encouraging people to work from home or take leave.

Only one person per household is permitted to leave the house to buy food or medicine. Anyone who sets foot outside their door must carry with them a self-certified document, which must be filled out and signed, and can be downloaded here.
The measures were announced late on 11 March by Italian premier Giuseppe Conte who stressed that there was absolutely no need to run to food shops, which will remain open as normal,

Conte thanked Italians for their sacrifice so far and called for their continued cooperation in the effort to beat the Coronavirus.

The move comes as Italy struggles to contain the Coronavirus crisis, recording 200 more deaths in one day with more than 12,000 people infected since the outbreak began in the north of the country less than three weeks ago.

Earlier today the Italian government announced the allocation of €25 billion to help Italy's economy tackle the economic fallout from the Coronavirus outbreak.

Italy's emergency measures come as the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the global Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic.
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